Visa Overview

Kind of visa or serviceMinimum requirementsRemarks
Business visa (Non-immigrant B)The applicant needs to be employed by an active Company Limited, with an office and the required number of Thai employees (currently 4).Conditions in the company registration certificate need to be checked. Extra costs can occur for accounting, tax, etc. The charged amounts will be in conformity with the receipts from the applicable government office.
Married visa (Non-immigrant O)The applicant must have a legally registered marriage to a Thai national. In case the marriage was registered abroad, all documents from abroad need to be translated into Thai and legalized in accordance with the regulations of the country where the marriage was registered.
Retirement visa (Non-immigrant O)Minimum age: 50 years. The applicant shall submit a copy of a bank statement of a Thai bank account with a balance of at least 800,000 THB, or submit proof of income from abroad of at least the equivalent of 70,000 THB per month. All documents need to be legalized by the Embassy of the country of the applicant.
Volunteer visa (Association, Foundation)The applicant shall submit documents which prove that he/she is indeed active as a Volunteer for the organization that is mentioned in the application.
Education visa-
Change from other Visa type to Non immigrant VisaThe applicant shall have a tourist Visa or other type of visa that shows that he/she can stay at least 30 days in the Kingdom of Thailand.There will be no more need to leave the country every 90 days. Instead of this, the holder can report to the local Immigration Office every 90 days.

*** Remark ***

We can take care of the application for or renawal of all types of via as mentioned above. However, if a person has a tourist visa, this should first be converted to another type of visa.